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1. What is MY RUMMY® ?

Answer: MY RUMMY is an excellent math card games best played in a group of six players. MY RUMMY develop number sense among players. A deep understanding of addition and subtraction concept is developed through players counting ability.

2. Who invent My Rummy?

Answer: My Rummy was invented by math specialists in Integrated Commerce Sdn. Bhd. which has produces mathematics learning material such as abacus workbook and abacus charts for schools in Malaysia.

3. What differentiates MY RUMMY® with other card games?

Answer: MY RUMMY games do promotes reading, listening and quick decision making among the players. The game is easy to play and able to promote:

  • Reading ability
  • Listening ability
  • Mental Calculation
  • Fast decision making
  • Children participation in teaching and learning activities.


4. How many cards are there in a box of MY RUMMY® ?

Answer: MY RUMMY consists of 20 sets of card (6 cards for each set) and a total of 120 cards with different level of complexities


5. Who are the suitable players for MY RUMMY® card games?

Answer: For LEVEL 1, it is recommended for children age 6 to 9 and sometimes depend on their English language communication skill. As long as your kids know how to 'count on' and 'count back' for number range 1 to 10, My Rummy can be applied on them.


6. Is it a single player card games?

Answer: No, it is a card game best played in a group of six players.


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