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What is the Think Thank?

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Think Tank
"If you are a math teacher, Think Tank could be a perfect activity cards for you to use in the classroom"  
This activity cards series is perfect for teachers to boost student's natural curiosity of numbers. Each activity card has been written to promote the development of number sense.  
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In a very simple explanation, the Think Tank is a box contains activity cards for students.  The Think Tank activity cards is for Mathematics teaching and learning in primary schools. If you are a math teacher, Think Tank could be a perfect activity cards for you to use in the classroom. In addition, the Think Tank is English language student activity cards. Think Tank is so relevant in the situation whereby teaching and learning of mathematics is in English Language! We do understand that preparing student activities is very time consuming. By introducing Think Tank, we believe it could save your valuable time and help you a lot!

Because there are many levels of students in primary schools, these activity cards is build and grouped in several packages. Each package such as shown in the left side is called "Orange Level'. Orange Level is for age 8 students (year 2 in Malaysian Schools) or Grade 2 in North America.

Other packages include for ages from 9 to 12 (year 3 to 6) and each package can be identified by the box color as follows:

bullet Orange Level
bullet Purple Level
bullet Green Level
bullet Red Level
bullet Blue Level
Age 8
Age 9
Age 10
Age 11
Age 12

Usage of the Think Tank

We could say that the Think Tank is specific math activity cards for computation and number sense. This is for mathematics teaching and learning. This math activity cards series is perfect for teachers to boost student's natural curiosity of numbers. Each activity card has been written to promote the development of number sense. You can use this exciting ready-to-use math activity cards for independent or small group work of students.

Features of the Think Tank

  • Each 'tank' contains 240 laminated activity cards-sequenced in to 12 set.

  • Answer cards are provided for students to check their work.

  • The teacher's note suggest key activities that are suitable for student portfolios.

  • A handy reproducible chart helps students to keep track of their progress.

  • The activities in one level build on those from the previous level.

Categories of Activity Cards

Inside a 'tank' of the Think Tank, math activity cards are organized into 12 sets as follows:

  • Speedy Starters

  • Brain Builders

  • Mental Teasers

  • Mind Benders

  • Head Sharpeners

  • Pace Setters

  • Fast Figures

  • Quick Thinkers

  • Number Jugglers

  • Wise Workers

  • Super Solvers

  • Grand Masters

Note: The lower the category means more complex problem solving. The sets have been sequenced so that the level of difficulty increases from one set to the next.

One of the example is as follows:

Think Tank card

Think Tank Orange Level - Speedy Starters - Card No#2

For samples of other levels, click here to download card samples. More details.

How to Use Think Tank Math Activity Cards

  • Tell the students that this activity cards allow them to work independently at their own pace.

  • They need to read and understand the instructions in the card before doing any activity. To avoid problems among students in understanding of instructions, make sure you give the low level, simple activity cards for those who not familiar with English instructional cards.

  • Start with the first set - Speedy Starters - it consist of 20 problem solving activity cards. 

  • Give away the activity cards to the students, one card for each student.

  • After completing the first set, then ask the students to work through to the last set. The activity cards in a set can be completed in any order.

The Think Tank Promotes Creative Thinking

Look back at the card example - Speedy Starters Card#2. Student will mark down the location of numbers. I show you the zoom in of the answer card below.

As a teacher, you can ask questions to your student regarding the answer given. You want them to have reasons for each of their answer. Ask them questions like '"Why do you point number 2 here/there?". Just accept whatever answer they give you as long as the answer is logic. Same goes to other sets of card. Each activity card has been written to promote the development of number sense as well as other skills including communication and reasoning skill.


Think Tank provide answer cards for the students to check their own work. Due to the nature of number sense, the answers of may tasks vary. Two icons are used on the answer cards to help the students check their work:

Below is an example of answer card provided for the students.

Think Tank Answer Card

It is important that students complete all 20 math activity cards in a set before checking their answers. Make a copy of student's Progress Record for each student. This hand chart will help the student's keep track of the cards they have completed.

Example of a Student's Progress Record is as follows:

Think Tank Progress Chart

There is a special cards for teachers and tagged with Teachers' Note, explaining about instructions as above.


The Think Tank math activity cards are ideal for students portfolios. make a copy of each key activity (as listed in Categories of Activity Cards). Have the students write their answer on the copy so that it can be included in their portfolio.

Where to buy the Think Tank?

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:: orange think tank ::


12 Sets of Think Tank:


Speedy Starters


Brain Builders


Mental Teasers


Mind Benders


Head Sharpeners


Pace Setters


Fast Figures


Quick Thinkers


Number Jugglers


Wise Workers


Super Solvers


Grand Masters




Specify your Think Tank Level.


Orange Level for age 8.


Purple Level for age 9.


Green Level for age 10.


Red Level for age 11.


Blue Level for age 12.




Important: For customer outside Malaysia, the list price (USD83) is not including delivery charges. You need to add USD10 (min) - USD18 (max) based on your location/continent for delivery.


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