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My Rummy

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The top Rummy games website is the famous Play Win Rummy. Here you can find all Rummy related games information, Gin Rummy, Kalooki, Scala 40 and so on. All the games can be played for free. 

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Features of My Rummy
...My Rummy promotes reading, listening and quick decision making. It makes mathematics learning fun, meaningful, challenging and useful!...
...My Rummy helps math teachers to develop a deep understanding of addition and subtraction concept through players counting ability.
...My Rummy is a truly number sense games for your kids.
...My Rummy is where students  are learning through games!.
...My Rummy increase social interaction...
...My Rummy enhance reading ability and emphasize listening skill...
...My Rummy ensure students familiar with important math's terms or vocabulary which is widely used in mathematics problem solving...
...My Rummy promotes mental calculation strategies...
...My Rummy develop reasoning skills and and understanding of concepts...

My Rummy

...My Rummy is excellent for slow learner students...
...My Rummy promotes thinking...
...the use of words and phrases related to operations...
...My Rummy shows the use of technology in mathematics education...
...My Rummy push up children counting techniques using mental strategies...
What people say about MyRummy?
...I teach resource math, and this number card game looks like a useful
tool for learners...
Karie L Eagleston, Special Education Teacher, Windsor Elementary
...I mix my 8 and 9 year-old children and they enjoy the game together...
Sharmilia Hashim, Math Teacher, Kajang, Malaysia
...this game make children communicate better in my math class...
Faridah, Math Center, Semenyih, Selangor, Malaysia
...I use my rummy at home for my kids...
Mohd Lazim b Mohd Daud, Taman Kenari, Kajang, Malaysia
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Are you searching for number sense and mathematical games for children?

My Rummy®

The one and only number sense game,

making mathematics learning



:: Recommended for 7 to 9-year children ::

  Malay language



My Rummy® is an educational math game in the form of card games for primary school children. My Rummy® is a classroom math card game that help math teachers to develop a deep understanding of addition and subtraction concept. This is done through players counting ability. In other words, My Rummy help to develop children's number sense. 

Unlike other rummy card games, My Rummy is not just focus on numbers. Numbers aren't enough for any good mathematician. My Rummy puts communication as priority.  My Rummy game make connections between mathematical properties and practical applications in children's daily living.  So, with My Rummy, you need not to have two different games to improve math and English communication skills. Just one game - My Rummy, it will help you to develop communication skill and a well conceptual understanding  of numbers among children and children will get much more benefits!

My Rummy in-a-box. It is a number sense classroom games for primary schools!

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My Rummy® is a must activity in the classroom. Beside developing children's number sense, it also promote mental computation. The most important is, My Rummy makes mathematics learning fun, meaningful, challenging and useful! My Rummy is easy to play and able to promote reading ability, listening ability, mental calculation, fast decision making, children participation in teaching and learning activities.

How My Rummy done that, in a very simple way? If you want to know it now, please proceed to the section "How to Play My Rummy" in this page. If you wonder how this game is played with 3 players, read How to play card games for three players.

Now, lets continue. My Rummy® brings new style of learning Mathematics. It makes mathematics learning fun, meaningful, challenging and useful!


My Rummy® is truly a 'number sense game' - count on, count back, counts from, less than, remove from etc. - phrases of operation used in My Rummy that purposely to develop number concept or skills.   What is number sense definition? Number sense refers to a person's general understanding of number and operations along with the ability to use this understanding in flexible ways to make mathematical judgments and to develop useful strategies for solving complex problems (Burton, 1993; Reys, 1991). Read more about number sense definition.

Facts: In most countries, findings from the quantitative data showed that students’ number sense were not satisfactory.

Why number sense is important?

Researchers have linked good number sense with skills observed in students proficient in the following mathematical activities:

  • mental calculation (Hope & Sherrill, 1987; Trafton, 1992);

  • computational estimation (for example; Bobis, 1991; Case & Sowder, 1990);

  • judging the relative magnitude of numbers (Sowder, 1988);

  • recognising part-whole relationships and place value concepts (Fischer, 1990; Ross, 1989) and;

  • problem solving (Cobb, 1991).


What you need to know to teach number sense effectively...

My Rummy

#1: Children acquire number sense gradually,

Primary school children acquire number sense gradually, experiencing many informal pre-number activities before they begin their formal schooling. But growing older does not guarantee a children’s continued development of number concepts or skills.

#2: In fact,

The development of number sense skills does not occur naturally for most students in the current school curriculum. The major stumbling block is the rush to develop students’ use of standard algorithms to perform operations. Students quickly fixate on these methods because they can be “executed without having to think”. We need to turn an awareness of number into an understanding of number. We need to move more thoughtfully from a conceptual understanding of operation to the development of informal algorithms.

How is your child? How does your school children in the classroom perform number sense? What games can assist development of early number sense? Have you ever try to use instructional games to develop number sense? But the problem is, you may not have much time to prepare the good one! 

History of My Rummy...

My Rummy® was introduced in Malaysia in the year 2005, when teaching mathematics is no more in a student's native language, but in English language. Studies conducted by local universities have shown that teachers themselves are not prepared for this policy. It has, to a certain extent, traumatized segments of our children.

My Rummy is meant to help teachers equip themselves with excellent material to support their teaching of mathematics in English. We know that educational games are so helpful for teachers. Educational games are designed to teach people about a certain subject, expand concepts, reinforce development, understand an historical event or culture, or assist them in learning a skill as they play. Until today, there are still lack of good mathematics educational games for children that can be used in a classroom. My Rummy could 'saves' you teachers!

There are some more issues. The real concern for teachers is students' lack of number sense. So, we create such a number sense game - My Rummy card game. With My Rummy, playing this card games in the classroom will help developing number sense among the students. How about helping students who are non-native English speakers to learn English? My Rummy also is meant to assist students - to expose them to English literature - so we develop a simple and fun rummy card games which have to be played in English.

My Rummy in a box...

My Rummy® consists of 20 sets of card (6 cards for each set). There are 120 cards in a box. We know that students in the same classroom have different learning experience. Therefore, My Rummy was designed  with different level of complexities. My Rummy is an educational math card game which is very simple and easy to learn, both for students and teachers. My Rummy best played in a group of 6 players. Nevertheless, you still can enjoy the My Rummy math game with less than 6 participants. Have a look at the sample of the cards below.



My Rummy math games

My Rummy math games. It has 20 sets of card games with different complexities.

#4 Reasons why you should use mathematical game...


Game makes students motivated and enjoy.

Games have long been used to motivate students and help them enjoy mathematics in the classroom. My Rummy is a mathematical games. However, there are many other reasons for using My Rummy in a mathematics classrooms.


Formal written algorithms are no more efficient and effective!

Look at our traditional mathematics curriculum. The primary school mathematics cur riculum has long focused on the development of formal written algorithms to add, subtract, multiply and divide whole numbers, fractions, and decimals. These strategies are no more efficient and effective!


Today's students require more than a basic memorization of steps and rules for computation.

As we are concern, there is now greater emphasis on the ability to calculate mentally and far less attention given to the formal written algorithm.

Mental calculation is not new - solving mathematical operations in your head (see example of mental calculation below). But the truth, most people never really learn about it - more depend on a calculator.


Mental Calculation


398 * 4

1600 - 8 =1592

398  *  4

= (400-2) * 4


= 400*4 - 2 * 4

  = 1600-8

Games can teach.

My Rummy is designed to help educators, especially school teachers to teach mathematics in English. My Rummy is an excellent game for that. In some development countries where English being used as the medium of instruction in teaching Mathematics, My Rummy math game can be used as a support mechanism to further develop English language skill in and outside the classroom.

It is the time for you to change! My Rummy will help your children, students and anyone interested to start perform mental calculation using My Rummy math card game! It's 100% practical skill!

#9 BEST features of My Rummy are...
Features #1:

My Rummy is where students  are learning through games! Students are playing games but at the same time, they are learning Mathematics.  It makes learning Mathematics very interesting and students do not get bored!



Features #2: Students will have active participation in learning activities - play together increasing social interactions.
Features #3: My Rummy takes into account the student's learning style. As we all know, primary school children are prefer to process information that they heard, rather than they have to read.
Features #4: My Rummy emphasizes listening skill and doing calculation using mental strategy.
Features #5:

My Rummy ensures the students familiar with important math's terms or vocabulary which is widely used in mathematics problem solving. The use of words and phrases related to the operations - addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.

Features #6:

My Rummy is a math game which use simple sentences and sentences that are frequently used in solving math's problems. Using mathematical language is essential for developing reasoning skills and an understanding of concepts.

Features #7:

My Rummy promotes mental calculation strategies. If you ever heard about mental calculation or mental arithmetic techniques and you interested to experience the mental techniques without reading books, My Rummy is the best solution for you!

With My Rummy games your children definitely will enjoy counting and executing mathematical operation using mental calculation technique. No more using his fingers!

Features #8:

My Rummy can improve students' English reading ability. In non-English speaking countries such as Japan, Korea, China and South East Asia, it is not a good idea to advise children age of 7 to 9 to read English-language newspaper in order to improve their English! It won't work!

The best way is to choose something that really interesting them, here it is - My Rummy is a 'group work' math card games!


Features #9:

Improving reading skills are not enough? Of course you need something that can improve many other important skills.  When you are teaching math in English, you definitely will appreciates My Rummy! While children enjoy playing My Rummy, they will get improvements in the following skills - reading, listening, speaking and fast decision making!


Asian Children

My Rummy®develops children's number sense and improves English at the same time! My Rummy is excellent for non-English speaking countries.


Who Can Play My Rummy?

Ideally, primary schools children, pre-K children, kindergartens, but it can be your kids with friends at home! My Rummy math game Level 1 is recommended for children age from 7 to 8 . But, as long as your kids know how to 'count on' and 'count back' for number range 1 to 10, My Rummy can be applied on them.

My Rummy® is designed from simple to complex learning principle. My Rummy card game has different level of sophistication and arranged in hierarchical order to suit the needs of different group of learners  - fast, moderate/average  and late/slow learner.

#5 Situations where My Rummy will be the BEST solution!

Situation#1 Need a meaningful rest in a short break time!

Stop the long hour culture in teaching! If you teach primary school children that are  2 hours long with a short break in the middle, what you ask them to do during break time?

I'm sure some of them like to do coloring, or may be eating or just playing nonsense! Why don't you ask them to play a good game? Lets play My Rummy!    Here, My Rummy offers something different for a fun and meaningful rest.

If you plan for a longer break-time, you can prepare several sets of My Rummy card games to fit the time. If there are more than one group of students, the card sets can be exchange and rotate among them. Let all of them experience the challenge!


Situation#2 You don't have any good idea to cater for fast learner students? 

"I'm finished and my friends too! We'd like to do something..." Fast learner student's finish up exercises earlier than the slow learners. After that, they tend to disturb other person or busy making noise which  causes other students lost their focus or may get angry.

By having My Rummy card game, you can save the situation! Form a group, distribute the cards, give instructions and let them start the games. Looking at their friends having fun, you will find that, the rest of the students will be self motivated to finish up their exercises  earlier to allow them to join the group.


Situation#3 Or may be you have slow learners or non-active students...

Don't' worry anymore. My Rummy is an ideal game for helping a slow learner student. Just identify who, how many of them, form a group, brief the simple card game rules and ask them to start play My Rummy. Let them play as much as they want and you will see the results!



You need  meaningful activities after examination week?

Everyone knows that students waste their time a lot during this period. No more syllabus for teachers to teach and students have a tendency to absent from classes because they know they are learning nothing if they are coming.  So, don't let this happen again in your classroom. Make use of the time with My Rummy to keep up their understanding, especially on the concept of operations!



At any time, if you notice that there are 5 to 6 children got nothing to do, feels free spending your time with them to play My Rummy math game! Say the numbers together and enjoy My Rummy communication among the players! Its so fun and challenging!



How to Play My Rummy?

Top of the Page

Rules of the Game: Play Card games for Six Players

My Rummy® is a group work. Remember! With My Rummy math game, your objectives are to educate them. My Rummy is an educational game specifically for math. You want you kids or your students to develop their understanding of addition and subtraction concept (number sense). They will benefit more of My Rummy - increase their reading and listening abilities. So, teachers must concern about this to ensure My Rummy math game a value for money!. The teacher will be the facilitator and controller. Give them a clear instruction about the game rules and make sure each member of the group knows their role when the game started.

6 player of my rummy

Form a group, (1) Read (2) Listen (3) Response


checklistStep 1: Form a group of six

  • Ideally,  you need a group of six to play My Rummy, which means one card for each group member. Arrange them to sit in a round, facing each other and make a gap between them. You can arrange them to sit at a round table, if any.

checklistStep 2: Distribute My Rummy Cards

  • Distribute the cards (from the same stack - e.g. Card 1.1) among the players. If there are not enough member, ask one or two of them to hold  to 2 cards.

  • Don't worry, after they know the rules of the game, you will find that they will bid  for the extra card you have! Remember, instruct them to hide their card number from each other!

checklistStep 3: Communicating (Reading and Listening)

  • To start the math game, you need to ask for  a volunteer within the group members, let say Player 1. 

  • Explain to the group that Player 1 will be the first person to read his/her card to broadcast the 'message' while the rest must keep quiet and listen to it. To ensure that 'message' can be heard by everyone, Player 1 must speak clearly, loudly and not too fast. This is how My Rummy improve communication skill!

  • When all are ready, start the game. Player 1 starts. Once the number (by saying "Four is my number") and the question (mathematical operation - e.g "What is the number if we count back 2 counts from 4?") was voiced out, other players need to identify the correct mathematical operation (in this case count back counts from 4) and will do their computation mentally as fast as possible. Once they get the answer (the computation result is 2), they match the answer with their number (which was printed in large font size) they hold. Note of the game rules : If the 'message' was relayed perfectly, one of the group member must respond in a very short time.

  • Learning Experience: From here, we can see how good they are in paying attention and how fast each of the group member doing mental computation and make a decision. On that time, all of the group members including the facilitator didn't know who actually own the answer.

checklistStep 4: Responding

  • Lets say Player 5 is holding the card which have the answer for the broadcasted 'message'.

  • Player 5 should raised his/her hand first before responding to the 'message'. By doing that,  Player 2 will take his turn to speak and the rest must listen. While Player 2 responding to the  'message', the rest should check whether the answer given by Player 2 is correct or wrong.

  • If it is wrong, that means Player 2 is doing a mistake in his mental computation. The facilitator should correct this situation. If Player 2  is given a correct answer, then you can leave them to  continue the game.

How to Play Card Games for Three Players

  • My Rummy card game could be played with three players at minimum. You may face a situation where there is not enough player!

  • There are 6 cards per set. You can give 2 cards per player.

  • This means, one player will have two chances to read and answer the mathematical questions. So, don't worry. You still can enjoy the game!

Who should have My Rummy?

checklist Kindergartens.
checklist Primary Schools - math teachers.
checklist Math Tuition Centres.
checklist Those who interested in developing number sense and practice mental computation.

My Rummy Mathematical Operation Level 1

My Rummy can be your teaching strategies to improve number sense among your students. My Rummy covers the following learning objectives:

checklist Count reliably at least 20 objects.
checklist Count on and back in ones from any small number, and in tens from and back to zero.
checklist Read, write and order numbers from 0 to at least 20; understand and use the vocabulary if comparing and ordering these numbers.
checklist Within the range 0 to 20, say the number that is 1 or 10 more or less than any given number.
checklist Understand the operation of addition, and of subtraction (as ‘take-away' or ‘difference') and use the related vocabulary.
checklist Use mental strategies to solve simple problems using counting, addition, subtraction, doubling and halving, explaining methods and reasoning orally.
  Some example of operations used in My Rummy to develop number sense are shown below. But, there many other statements of operation used in My Rummy.

Mathematical Operation: Examples

Sixteen is my number! What is the number if we count back 1 counts from 16?
Four is my number! What number is 1 count after 4?
Eight is my number! What is the number if we add another 3 to 8?
Two is my number! What is the sum of 2 and 1?
Five is my number! What is the number if we remove 1 from 5?
Six is my number! What number is 2 less than 6?
Six is my number! What is the number if we count back 2 counts from 6?
Seven is my number! What is the number if we subtract 1 from 7?

My Rummy in primary schools...

My Rummy should be used by all primary schools. My Rummy is an excellent educational math games for kids. The game is easy to play and able to promote:

Reading ability
Listening ability
Mental Calculation
Fast decision making
Children participation in teaching and learning activities.

My Rummy: Technical Specifications

Rounded rectangle.
Dimension (card):
3.5' L x 2.3' W
Card sets (hierarchical numbering):
20 (1.1 - 1.20)
Dimension (packaging box):
6.0' L x 9.6' W
Gross Weight
486 g

My Rummy: Color and design

The size of My Rummy cards is designed to suite the children's hand. It is not too big and therefore easy to hold. We chose bright colors to catch the eye! We use large font size for the number for easy viewing and reading. We use simple sentences, so that it catches the ears! More My Rummy card samples are shown below. The rightmost is the back-end of My Rummy math game card.

Blue cardgreen cardpink cardpurple cardyellow carddark orange cardbak_end card

My Rummy is made from high quality material and packaged inside a very high quality packaging box.

checklistEasy to hold checklist Bright colors checklist Large font size checklist Simple sentences

checklist Fun kid games checklist Meaningful rest checklistChallenging & useful game


Now, you can have your My Rummy® math games!

"How to buy My Rummy?"

My Rummy math game is not available in shops and bookstores. This educational math game only can be purchased from our web site - What do you waiting for? Provide your children with MyRummy now! It will be a valuable and meaningful investment!

Rummy math game packaging box


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